Another Wedding Dress…

…but this one is not by Vivienne Westwood, and nor does it cost £1.8 million! We were feeling pretty rubbish for going off message and showing you those beautiful but ridonkulously expensive frocks, but lo! On a shopping trip in a small seaside town we made amends – Looksie:



Beautiful, classic design, no damage that I could find (and I looked damn hard), size 12 (if it’s the only one and not quite right, never underestimate the value of a good tailor, ladies.), infinitely customisable, suprisingly modern and a delicate off-white colour. I have asked a couple of people to estimate the price of this dress – they’re averaging around the £200-300 mark. They, you will find, are utterly and completely WRONG!

This dress was for sale in the Victim Support Charity shop in Newquay, Cornwall, and cost a whopping 45 quid. How can that not be a winner! Charity shops = YES.

(Apologies for the window shot – was not allowed to take a picture inside apparently!)

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