Top Five Party Favours

When Three were wee little socialites, the best bit of going to a party was going home, because a tired and teary birthday sprog would be lined up next to Mum at the door to hand out the gift bags! Result. Ugly hair slides, cheap gummy sweets and 2 crayons – what more does a child need for happiness?!

Where's my goodybag, bitch?!
Where’s my goodybag, bitch?!

Doesn’t really cut the mustard for (most) grown ups though, and its always nice to give everyone a little reminder of a lovely time if the bash has been something special, so here Three have their top ten party favours – as always, each and every one a bargain!

1. Love Hearts and other Retro sweeties


A classic – usually found at weddings, but don’t forget anniversary and engagement dos! Plus the fact that they’re so moreish people won’t stop eating them, and will feel very sick very quickly. This equates to huge savings on the buffet. Use Parma Violets/refreshers for anti-romantic shindigs.

2. Personalised teabags


Awesome. Truly awesome. We’ve found them professionally printed from as little as 80 cents! Not widely available in the UK as yet, but! We’re big fans of DIY, and we’ve found this website, Alenka’s Printables. There are a couple of free templates, but loads of even cheaper options than the ones above. Buy some fragrant teabags, envelope the little buggers and voila! Lovely lovely lovely.

3. Cookies


These work for absolutely any occasion. Children’s parties, surprise parties, political parties – everyone loves a  biscuit. Does require a bit more effort than just tying a ribbon round a hobnob, though – an appropriately shaped cookie, or one with guest’s names for place settings work well. A home baked recipe is good, easy to do in bulk and cheapsies too!

4. Raffle Tickets


I can’t tell you how *proud* I am of this idea! Ask for favour ideas and people say lottery tickets. A) not original and B) not cheap – that could be £1 x 100 guests or more – ouch. SO! I came up with this:  Buy a prize for £50 and give everyone a raffle ticket instead – instant saving of 50%! Make the tickets to match your theme to get that “homemade” feeling we’re so obsessed with – perfeck!

5.  Books

booksOh yes. If your party is a biggun, then probably not, but a book can be a wonderful gift! Head to charity shops, second hand book stores and car boots, and have a damn good rummage for a tome your guests would enjoy. People throw good books away when they’ve read them just once, which is a crying shame. You can either choose apt books for individual guests, or if you have a theme then go with it – old copies of the plays of Shakespeare, for example. Write a little dedication inside the front cover for each guest, or tie a ribbon with a label on each one and you have a genuinely thoughtful and truly unique gift. I’ve bought great books for as little as 10p each at my local second hand shop, and you’re saving the planet by recycling. Major karmic boost, guys. Major!

3 responses to “Top Five Party Favours

  1. Personalised teabags rule. Do want.

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