DIY Wedding Dress

Bed sheets arn’t just good for ghost costumes, you know.

Let’s take some inspiration from Kristen and Josh who had a wedding full of handmade things from the people they love.

Her wedding dress started off like this:

Sheet / Ghost
Sheet / Ghost

And after some rather skilled sewing… 

A stitch in time...

A stitch in time...

Turned into this gorgeous creation!



Who says you need to spend a fortune on a dress? All you need is a bed sheet (if you’re feeling fancy, go poking around in a vintage shop for a lovely antique one) and some mad stitch-ery skills and voila!  Thrifty, original and gorgeous.
Want to see more? Here’s the link:
(I will learn how to hyperlink eventually. Promise)

One response to “DIY Wedding Dress

  1. I like with your wedding dress

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