Cake of the Week #2 – Seaside Cakes

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Ok, so the weather may have turned on us short term, but British summer time has officially started and in true credit crunch style, Brits are going to be heading for the beaches in their droves. Why not have a birthday beach party, and a cake to match?


There are loads of fantastic looking beach and seaside themed cakes, and they’re just a bit unusual. Nice if you’re looking for a tiered cake that doesn’t look too “weddingy” for a birthday or other celebration as well.



This sandcastle is a bit adventurous, but its pretty easy to make a simpler version. A plain round cake can look very effective if made to look like sand – all you need for the effect is some crumbled ice cream cones/wafers, and some crumbled digestive biscuits/graham crackers to sprinkle round the base. As with last week’s cupcake cake, you can now get sandcastle shaped tins to really take the hassle out of the whole thing.


As with the cupcake tin, this can be expensive, so it’s worth finding a local cake decorating shop who will hire you a tin, as most of them will. Aaaaand if you think all this sandcastle and shell cake business is far to soft and lovely, go with these…



3 responses to “Cake of the Week #2 – Seaside Cakes

  1. i made that! with the sandcastle pan for my 21st (obviously)

  2. Berenice Smith

    good cakes! i need some ideas 4 my mums bday cake any help?! seasiade theme!

  3. Hey Berenice! I’d recommend the sandcastle option – looks better than the shark!

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