Multi-Coloured FIRE!

Think multicoloured flames are only to be found in Hogwarts? Think again, you little wizarding wannabes!

Angel Flames

Angel Flames

Angel Flames candles burn in several different colours, and Three have absolutely fallen in love with them! So the crazy mix of colours is one thing – but imagine a fantastic winter party, with fake icicles and snowdrops illuminated by blue flickering flames, or a romantic evening for two (or three, we’re very open minded around here) delicately punctuated with dancing reds and purples! Aaaaahhhhh.

Candles are a lovely little touch to punctuate any celebration, and no birthday cake is complete without them! But what a nice alternaive to the natty white and pink swirly ones that go with absolutely nothing?! Clever co-ordination can make or break a bargain party, kids. Watch and Learn.

Angel Flames can be found on ebay (as can pretty much everything else, says the girl who once bought a harp off there) and at all good giftshops. Alternatively, check out

I like the green one best.

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