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Wrong season, right idea…

We may not all be connected enough to hire an a-list party planner and invite designers and photographers to our parties but regardless of your contacts, everyone loves a bargain party!


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You’re Evited…

As sad as it is, snail mail is feeling the cold hand of evolution closing around its neck, and a phobia of actual post (and the short-wearing men who bring it) is spreading across the land. So what to do if you have a can’t-be-missed soiree to populate?  Facebook invites are deletable white noise to the weary social networker, and the obvious Twitter-danger is that a barbarian horde of uninvited followers descend upon your gathering, which is even worse than no one turning up at all.

Special like yo momma told you

But never fear; to save you from cheapening your event with a sub-par electronic missive, Three have found a long-overdue alternative. Getting hold of far-flung friends and addressless acquaintances no longer means making a choice between boring plain text or a tackier-than-a-plastic-crucifix cartoon… Continue reading

Welcome to the party…

Warhol Party HatWe’re getting there slowly – the universe’s premier party planning blog will be online and mighty fine very soon!

 Kate and Laura x