Top Five Original Centrepieces

Martha Stewart's funny lookin' turnips...

Martha Stewart's funny lookin' turnips...

So, you’re having a dinner party? Good for you! You’re keeping the dying art of classic guest entertainment alive a little longer – Three are proud of you. But what’s this?! Your table looks bare! Three are NOT proud of you. You can’t have a naked table, and after reading this little list, failure is not an option.

1. A Fondue Set


A multitasking meal that fills up the table with minimal effort. Make some salads, maybe roast some veggies, and cut up some varieties of meat. Be careful with the spitting oil – this is NOT one for children! Borrow an auxiliary Fondue set (there’s a phrase you don’t hear every day) and have chocolate fondue for dessert, with Marshmallows, fruit, honeycomb etc.

 2. Wooden Roses

wooden rosesYou can buy these beauties for 10p each. Their bendy stems are ideal for modelling with, and you can get them in any colour under the sun. The example here was for a “Blue” themed 60th Birthday – they took minutes to arrange, and with the help of some glass beads added some real pizaz to the cake stand. You don’t have to have a vase – a bit of crafty bending will make them stand on their own. Wrap the bottom in voile to match your colour scheme and voila!


3. A Bansai Tree

bonsaiDefinite winner in our book – the humble Bonsai is a great talking point and looks fab! It’s not wasteful either – this little fella can be a lovely addition to home decor long after the last guest has left. You can run with the Japanese theme and place it in a mini zengarden, or the slightly more lighthearted approach of miniature people. Accompany with sushi and an excerpt from Memoirs of a Geisha.

  4. Photos


Sounds pretty dull at first, but if you’re inviting people who don’t know each other to sit at the same table, some well chosen snapshots of them can be really good talking points – travelling photos,  fancy dress photos, police mugshots…- anything with a story behind it is a winner. A photo tree is better than an album – as everyone can look in one go. Or a small cake stand with lots of small frames on it, preferrably on a lazy susan!


  5. Pumpkins

pumpkinOk, so this one is very seasonal, but it’s so much fun it’s ridiculous! Carve the Pumpkin for an autumn bash in any way you want – don’t ever feel tied to the scary face tradition. The example here was  a retro-gaming Pac Man montage. Hollowing out a pumpkin is surprisingly easy, and you can really do anything you want with them. The insides also make a delicious pumpkin pie, as they did at this party. Word of caution – when putting candles inside, keep a close eye on the lid of the pumpkin – it’s better just to have the top open.


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