A stitch in time, saves MONEY!

Stuck for an awesome wedding gift? Wedding gift lists may be practical (and pricey!) but who wants to give a toaster to commemorate such a special day?! Uh, not me.

Well, how about this for a sweet and thrifty idea: if you (or  a helpful friend) are handy with a needle and thread why don’t you take some inspiration from Grandma and start quilting!

Patch wall

All you need is some old scraps of material (preferably in pretty colours or patterns) which are cheap as chips in craft shops or free if you can pinch some off a kindly soul with a bag full of leftovers!

At the engagement party, pin up a bunch to the wall or put them in a lovely basket and get the guests to write small messages (with fabric pen!) on them.


Then, get stitching! Patch them all together and voila! A unique and very thoughtful gift, that I for one would love!

This could of course be applied to any special occasions – birthdays, leaving parties etc.

                                                       Beautiful !

(photos via ‘thenotwedding’)

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