You’re Evited…

As sad as it is, snail mail is feeling the cold hand of evolution closing around its neck, and a phobia of actual post (and the short-wearing men who bring it) is spreading across the land. So what to do if you have a can’t-be-missed soiree to populate?  Facebook invites are deletable white noise to the weary social networker, and the obvious Twitter-danger is that a barbarian horde of uninvited followers descend upon your gathering, which is even worse than no one turning up at all.

Special like yo momma told you

But never fear; to save you from cheapening your event with a sub-par electronic missive, Three have found a long-overdue alternative. Getting hold of far-flung friends and addressless acquaintances no longer means making a choice between boring plain text or a tackier-than-a-plastic-crucifix cartoon…

4 x Wine glasses per 2 guests? I'm in.

4 x Wine glasses per 2 guests? I'm in.

Much classier than your standard poke, this great Dinner Party example from is typical of the top-notch designs you can get your grubby mitts on for free. The information input form is easy to use and won’t let you forget the essentials, and guests can RSVP directly from the evite, helping you to keep track of just how many canapés you’re going to need.

Who doesn't love hats?

Who doesn't love hats?

Evite is definitely our favourite, and if you’re trying to avoid musical flashtoons it is your best option by far. It’s simple enough for kids to use, so enthusiastic small people (and die hard technophobes) can all get involved. There’s a huge variety of designs from subtle to spectacular for every occasion, and new designs are being added constantly. Definite winner.

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